"Clouds at the Weekend" is another exhibition that I take part in and is also part of the E17 Art Trail. We had so much fun making clouds from wire, fabric, filc, paper... ah, human imagination! 

French artist Fabienne Teyssier-Monnot contributed the (1) cloud from fabric (gorgeous!, but heavy) and also excellent photographer Jens Marott (2) put on the wall few great photos. Do you want to shift some "mind clouds" out of your system? Well, you can do this with Cloud Shifter (3) which I made it. Or you can create funny looking clouds with Katja Rosenberg (4,5). 

Exhibition and workshop was last weekend and will be as well tomorrow and on Sunday (11/12 Sept.  /11am - 5pm / 1 Pretoria Avenue, Walthamstow). This weekend will join us also "new born" photographer  Ivan Vrhnjak and I can't wait to see what he's preparing for us!


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