Different colours are like different words that are together creating the language. The meaning of the colours varies from culture, continent... for example - BLACK & WHITE In Europe black is traditionally associated with death, but in China mourners wear white, because for them white is the colour of the winter - when all things return to the Earth. For western people white stands for innocence, purity, new beginning. 

We connect colours also with...
* four elements (fire, earth, air, water), seasons and personality types: 
  • spring colours are linked to the water element (turquoise, lilac, peach, coral, scarlet, violet, emerald, sunshine yellow, cream, sand - they create a joyful nurturing ambience). These colours are usually  popular among people with artistic, sensitive disposition.
  • summer colours are linked to the air element (maroon, rose, powder blue, pale yellow, lavender, plum, oyster, toupe). They includes darker but not heavy colours (lot of grey in them), they have an elegance that is cool and contained.
  • autumn colours are linked to the fire element (mustard, olive green, flame, peacock, burnt orange, teal, burgundy - they all have black shade in them). These colours are very rich and suggest depth and maturity.
  • winter colours are connected with earth element (black, white, magenta, cyan, purple, lemon, silver, indigo, royal blue, jade). They are all bold and powerful and often liked with people with strong business sense, confidence and practical nature.

* our home (blues & whites also in combination with violet & purple encourage the mind to calm down, to rest),
* advertising (dark blue in combination with rich yellow or gold, often suggesting a certain level of detachment or even superiority from the everyday), 
* business environment (yellows, oranges & peachy pinks with turquoise and warm shades of green can transform place from mediocre to efficient).

Few more things to think about while making decision on how to achieve relaxed, joyful or "things get done" environment or attitude :) 
p.s. I also recommend you to watch the speech from TED about: optical illusions show how we see or read the book "Healing with crystals and chakra energies" by Sue & Simon Lilly (few explanations above are taken from this book).

Enjoy ;)

M x


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