Organized... {?}

Hey arty people! Today I want to share a bit about organizing all those colours, pens, ribbons... ah, that lie around the room ;) I finally realized that no matter how big is our flat I will be constantly challenged where to put all art & craft material. I don't have my own room / studio jet, so I'm currently using our living-dinning room as my creative space. I want to have things organized in a way that are practical for me when I need them and for "hiding them away" if we have some friends visiting or staying over... {well... with hiding I'm not so successful ;) } So here is a quick peek into my space... 

But I want to share with you also a link from ECO ETSY blog where you can find some good ideas - tips about organizing your working-crafting space: keeping it all organized. Worth checking! 
I would love to have that kind of space shown below... 

sewing room 
sewing room by Saidos da Concha via EcoEtsy 

craft space by poppy talk blog via EcoEtsy

How about you - how do you keep your studio tidy?
M x


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