My "current" obsession... owls. It all started last year with my pink pyjama :) with this feather creatures on it. Then friend of us was staying at our place and for "thank you gift" she gave me a notebook with owls... 
And the journey continued in the local second-hand shop and on my art work. Will I stop here? Hmm, probably not... ;)

Owl has also part in almost all shamanic cultures. Among others animals, they communicate with shaman - sometimes they become protector and a guide for the shaman. More about this kind of description of the owl, please follow the links... ;)

   Owl (Cailleach, Oidhche, Comachag): These birds were most often associated with the Crone aspect of the Goddess. The word "cailleach" in the Scottish-Gaelic means "owl". The owl is often a guide to and through the Underworld, a creature of keen sight in darkness, and a silent and swift hunter. It can help unmask those who would deceive you or take advantage of you.
{taken from "By Oak, Ash, & Thorn" by D.J.Conway}

Owl: animal spirits... 

The Owl is recognized by Siberian Shamans as one of the great animal familiars, indeed Shamans with an owl spirit guide typically have powers of second sight and great sensitivity.

 OWL "ROSYE" *2011* Martina Simonic Adamic 

WISDOM *2010* Martina Simonic Adamic 

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