DIY ~ Heart Mobile

For today I prepared a simple D.I.Y. photo tutorial on how to make a very simple mobile. I made hearts (for tomorrow's Valentine day ~ I guess a bit of "love in the air" is essential ;) and I wanted a natural look, so I chose  branches (you can use wire, plastic... instead) and slightly beige/gold paper. 
Let's start creating!

5,6,7,8 ~ glue them together to get "3D" shape...

9 ~ cut and clean branches (mine are 1x 25cm, 1x 15cm, 1x 10cm, 2x 7cm, but you can have different sizes) + on the middle of each branch tie a string 
10, 11, 12 ~ prepare hearts for hanging (you will need needle & thread)
Assemble everything like it's shown on the photo below & hang it :)

I hope you enjoyed this short and easy DIY.
Let me know how it went and what you created!

I wish you a great day,
M **


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