Before & After ~ RED COAT

When I bought another red coat the old one went on the DoItYourself list for reinvention. I decided to colour it in a dark red and put on some extra details.

Material you will need:
~ fabric colour + salt {for dyeing in the wash machine}
~ paper dolly 
~ brush
~ fabric colour for gold details {I was using Perlen-Maker thick colour in gold}

1.) dye the coat. Follow the info on the packaging.
2.) let it dry and prepare the motive: paper dolly {you can buy this in any regular food shop - in baking section} or you can draw by hand your own design
3.) place the paper dolly on the fabric and paint the empty spaces with chosen colour. Be careful not to apply to much colour, because it can get under the paper and you will fill up the spaces that needs to stay clean.
4.) slowly remove the paper and add some extra dots, lines... etc.
5.) let it dry completely
6.) you can wash the garment up to 40C and also iron on reverse site  

  Have fun, Mx


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